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A Coupla Wiseguys: A Dad Introduces His Daughter to “Three Men and a Baby”

December 23, 2011

Bruce Fretts: When I was doing research for my SAG Foundation interview with Steve Guttenberg, I recorded 1987’s Three Men and a Baby. As soon as I mentioned the title, my 10-year-old daughter, Olive, said she wanted to see it. What intrigued you about it, Olive?

Olive: I just love that concept: men and children. You know the three men aren’t gonna be able to take care of the baby and they’re gonna get help and they’re gonna grow attached to the baby. That’s just what happens in every movie with three men and a baby.

Bruce: Did you like the movie?

Olive: Yes, it was cute. I liked everything about it except the part with the heroin.

Bruce: You mean when the drug dealers are chasing them?

Olive: Yeah, I didn’t think that needed to be in there. Did you really dress like that in the ’80s?

Bruce: No, I didn’t.

Olive: Good, because that’s disgusting how high those shorts were.

Bruce: I didn’t like Tom Selleck’s jeans either. They were like dad jeans.

Olive: They were like mom jeans!

Bruce: Do I wear jeans like that?

Olive: Should I answer that question with a lie or with the truth? Do you want the good stuff or do you want the truth?

Bruce: I want the truth!

Olive: You wear dad jeans.

Bruce: I don’t look as bad as Tom Selleck did, do I?

Olive: No, you don’t. At least you don’t wear shorts like that.

Bruce: And Ted Danson wore all those puffy shirts.

Olive: That really creeped me out. A woman should be wearing those.

Bruce: What did you think of the women’s clothes?

Olive: They were fine. Their hair annoyed me a little bit, though. I’ve always hated that big frizzy ball of hair they had in the ’80s.

Bruce: What did you think of Tom Selleck’s mustache? He’s very famous for that.

Olive: His mustache is awesome. It’s just cool. It’s coo.

Bruce: What did you think of Steve Guttenberg? I met him earlier this week.

Olive: Guttie-mon!

Bruce: Are you impressed that I met him?

Olive: I don’t know. I only saw him in one movie.

Bruce: Let me guess: Your favorite thing about the movie was the baby.

Olive: Yeah! She was SO CUTE! Adorable!

Bruce: What did you think the movie was saying about men and babies?

Olive: Men don’t really think about taking care of babies, and they kind of just usually leave it to the moms to do that. But there wasn’t a mom there.

Bruce: Do you think that’s true, or just true in the movies?

Olive: That might be true of some people. It’s a little bit stereotypical. Still, it was a good movie.

Bruce: Do you ever wish you had three daddies?

Olive: I don’t know. Would they all be like you? Cause then no. That would be so confusing. You’d be everywhere.

Bruce: What if they were all different, like in this movie?

Olive: Maybe. I like my Mama, though. She’s a good person.

Bruce: The Mama in this movie wasn’t a good person—she abandoned the baby on their doorstep! And I didn’t like Nancy Travis’ fake British accent either.

Olive: That really annoyed me. She didn’t do very well with that.

Bruce: They made another movie after this called Three Men and a Little Lady.

Olive: I need to see that!

Bruce: Steve Guttenberg told me they’re thinking of making another movie now called Three Men and a Bride.

Olive: They should do that.

Bruce: It’d be like Father of the Bride.

Olive: I’m aware.

Bruce: What did you think about the scenes where they sang “My Girl” and “Goodnight Sweetheart” to the baby?

Olive: That was cute. Because the men were becoming sensitive and feeling-y.

Bruce: When I first saw Three Men and a Baby, I was in college, and I didn’t like it all that much. I liked it better now that I have a little girl.

Olive: Yay! Woo-hoo for you! Let’s all have a party!

Bruce: Do you think the movie would’ve been different if it had been about a little boy instead of a little girl?

Olive: Yeah. Little boys aren’t as cute as little girls.

Bruce: There’s something about relationships between fathers and daughters that’s different too, right?

Olive: Jah! Fathers and sons—sports, that’s really their connection. But baby boys don’t do that since they’re so small, and girls are just really cute. They make your heart melt.

Do you have fond memories of Three Men and a Baby? Post a comment, and A Coupla Wiseguys will respond!

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