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Kate Hudson’s “Little Bit” of Hell

April 24, 2012

When Kate Hudson was nominated for an Oscar in 2000, who knew Almost Famous would become an apt epitaph for her career? Or, given the string of crappy comedies she’s made (Bride Wars, Fool’s Gold, You, Me and Dupree), maybe it should be How to Lose a Career in 10 Movies. Her latest, A Little Bit of Heaven, hit VOD in advance of a token theatrical release next month. A painfully cutesy cancer comedy, it’s made up of little bits of better movies and TV shows. To wit(lessness):

50/50. Like last year’s Joseph Gordon Levitt-Seth Rogen brom-com, Heaven deals with a young person who receives a cancer diagnosis and reassesses everything in life. Only in this case, Hudson’s Marley Corbett is an unlikable ad exec who never looks remotely sick. Everyone keeps talking about how skinny she’s getting, but mostly she just looks a little sweaty. Also, an Oscar-winning actress (in 50/50, Anjelica Huston; here, it’s Kathy Bates) is wasted as the patient’s pushy, nosy mom, who moves to be near her sick child and ultimately becomes a source of comfort.

The Big C. On the first season of Showtime’s dramedy, Laura Linney fell for her dashing young oncologist, played by Veep‘s Reid Scott. In Heaven, Hudson’s dashing young oncologist, a Mexican Jew played awkwardly by Gael Garcia Bernal, falls for her, despite the fact that they have negative chemistry.

Bruce Almighty. Jim Carrey’s comedy cast an Oscar-winning African-American actor, Morgan Freeman, as God. Here, it’s Ghost‘s Whoopi Goldberg floating on a cloud when Hudson has her colonoscopy. “This is just the way you want to see me,” Goldberg/God explains. “I love Whoopi—that’s probably why,” reasons Marley. Or maybe she meant “whoopie,” since her promiscuous character proudly refers to herself as a “whore.” God grants Marley three wishes, and she asks for a million dollars (which she gets, after taxes), the ability to fly (which she gets, kinda, in a hang-gliding sequence that recalls the skydiving in another Morgan Freeman terminal-illness comedy, The Bucket List) and, of course, true love, since this is a Kate Hudson flick. Wanna bet if she finds that?

Will & Grace. Marley’s got a gay BFF, played by Weeds‘ Romany Malco. He joins her for the obligatory shopping and dancing music-video sequences.

Rachel Getting Married/The United States of Tara. RoseMarie DeWitt must be getting tired of playing the sister who seems to have it all together compared to her crazy sibling. She did it opposite Anne Hathaway in Jonathan Demme’s film and Toni Collette on Showtime’s multiple-personality comedy, and now she’s Marley’s pregnant sis. SPOILER ALERT: She has the baby just as Marley’s dying. “Sunrise, Sunset…”

Game of Thrones. As he does on HBO’s hit, Peter Dinklage plays an unlikely swordsman—here, he’s a gigolo whose nickname gives the movie its title. Mercifully for Dinklage, it’s a small part. (I know, I know, there are no small parts…).

Sunset Boulevard. Channeling William Holden in Billy Wilder’s Hollywood classic, Hudson narrates the film from beyond the grave. Which seems only fitting, because after this fiasco, her career is pretty much dead.

Kate Hudson—what went wrong? Share your theories!

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  1. Maayan permalink

    Ouch!! Well, at least the review was entertaining! 🙂

  2. JD Stutts permalink

    If she isn’t your Grumpie “winner” for 2012, you shouldn’t bother having the Grumpies this year…

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