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The Fretts on Film Interview: Chloe Sevigny on “Lovelace,” James Franco and More!

June 3, 2012

Anyone who’s seen The Brown Bunny knows Chloe Sevigny feels no fear when it comes to taking part in sexually explicit scenes. But in her next film, the porn-star biopic Lovelace, she’s leaving the action up to her fellow Big Love alum Amanda Seyfried, who plays the titular ’70s porn star. “I’m probably in a minute and a half of the movie,”  Sevigny told me. “It’s a cameo. It’s at the very beginning of the movie, and I play a feminist  journalist interviewing her about the provocative nature of her work. I love Amanda, and they have a lot of great people doing cameos.”

Those people include Sarah Jessica Parker (as Gloria Steinem), The O.C. grad Adam Brody (as Deep Throat costar Harry Reems) and James Franco (as Hugh Hefner!). Sevigny also worked with Franco on one of his NYU film-school projects, Black Dog, Red Dog. “It’s not a film. It’s a student film. I do student films now,” she says, with a laugh. “I live in New York, and I want to give back to the community a little bit.”

Will it get a theatrical release, like Franco’s master’s thesis, the Hart Crane biopic The Broken Tower? “God, I have no idea. I doubt it. Maybe. I have no idea what they do with these films,” says Sevigny, who plays one of the main characters’ girlfriends. “If  [Broken Tower] got released with barely a blip, then I don’t have much hope for Red Dog, Black Dog or Black Dog, Red Dog.”

We may also have to wait for The Wait, which casts Sevigny as one of a pair of sisters (the other is played by Jena Malone) who keep their dead mother’s corpse in the house after being told she’ll come back to life. It reteams the actresses with avant-garde director M. Blash from 2006’s Lying. “The Wait is still pending distribution,” Sevigny says. “It’s a great movie. I love it. I hope somebody picks it up. But I loved his last movie, too. They’re not for everyone.”

Neither is Sevigny–thank God. For more on her equally provocative upcoming TV projects, including her role as a gender-bending assassin in the Brit miniseries Hit & Miss (debuting on DirecTV July 11) and her recurring gig on Season 2 of American Horror Story as a nympho, check out my interview with her at

What’s your favorite Chloe Sevigny flick? Any Kids, Boys Don’t Cry or American Pyscho fans out there?

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