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Did My Kids and I Go Wild for “Madagascar 3”?

June 10, 2012

Bruce Fretts: I just saw Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted with my 16-year-old son, Jed, and my 10-year-old daughter, Olive. We apparently saw the first two Madagascar movies together, although I have no recollection of them, so I must’ve slept through them. I only nodded off briefly in this one, so I’m going to say it’s the best of the Madagascar movies. Anyone care to disagree?

Olive: Where’s the pun?

Bruce: I was sparing you the pun because you always complain about it.

Olive: Aren’t you going to say “Is this your Most Wanted“?

Jed: I was gir-affing the whole time!

Olive: It was cool. I liked it.

Jed: I’m lyin’—it wasn’t that great. Get it—lion?

Bruce: Well, in this one, the lion, giraffe, zebra and hippo start off in Africa, but their mischievous penguin friends fly to Monte Carlo. So they follow them to Europe because they think it will eventually lead them back to their home in New York City. That seemed like a convoluted route to me.

Olive: What does convoluted mean?

Bruce: It means circuitous.

Olive: I didn’t know what convoluted meant. Do you really think I know what circuitous means?

Bruce: It means overly complicated .

Olive: All right. Thank you.

Bruce: They join a circus in Europe because it’s going to America. So Chris Rock, as the zebra Marty, does this “Circus Afro” dance that’s sweeping the nation’s children.

Jed: What happened to the good old days of “Pants on the Ground”?

Bruce: Why does everybody love this “Circus Afro” song so much?

Olive: Because it’s catchy. And everybody loves Chris Rock.

Bruce and Jed: Everybody Hates Chris!

OIive: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I just set myself up for a pun, didn’t I?

Bruce: I heard a child coming out of the theater comparing Chris Rock’s zebra to Eddie Murphy’s Donkey in the Shrek films.

Olive: They are very similar.

Bruce: Well, Chris Rock was on Saturday Night Live after Eddie Murphy and a lot of people thought he was similar then. So maybe he’s continuing to follow in Eddie’s hoof-steps, if you will.

Jed: There we go!

Olive: Why do you have to say that?

Bruce: Jada Pinkett Smith is the voice of the hippo, and her voice is kinda boring.

Olive: I like her. She’s awesome!

Jed: Sofia Vergara would’ve been so much better.

Bruce: I agree. She has a funny voice.

Jed: And her name’s Gloria in the movie, too!

Bruce: My favorite voice in the movie is Sacha Baron Cohen.

Olive: Who’s she?

Bruce: He’s a man. He’s also known as Borat and Bruno and The Dictator. But those are all movies that are too mature for you.

Olive: They’re not too mature for me. You’re just trying to protect me, Pop. I liked that they had Alex the lion fall in love in this one.

Bruce: Yes, he falls in love with—what is it, a leopard or a cheetah?

Jed: I’m not a fan of intercat relationships. Does that make me racist?

Olive: It’s a Cheetah. Her name’s Gia.

Bruce: So you didn’t feel Cheetah-d? You felt like you got your money’s worth?

Jed: Your monkey’s worth?

Olive: I’m not going to answer this question because it aggravates me. Okay, I liked the movie, but I did not feel Cheetah-d. Nor did I feel cheated.

Jed: Come on, Olive, we’ve made lemur jokes than that one!

Olive: No, you haven’t.

Bruce: So should they make another one? They’ve done America, Africa and Europe. Is the next one going to be in Asia?

Jed: I hope they’ve panda-head for the Asian animal jokes.

Olive: That’s enough puns!

Were you and your kids mad for Madagascar 3? Post a comment!

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  1. A healthy share of puns here, much appreciated.

  2. Lisa permalink

    I can’t get “Afro circus! Afro circus! Polka dot! Polka dot! Polka dot! Afro!” outta my head! I didn’t feel cheatad and for anybody who says they were, I call Bolshevik!

    • bruceafretts permalink

      You forgot the “da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da” part. It is catchy!

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