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Guess Who’s NOT in “Battleship”!

June 14, 2012

Before I attended last night’s awesome premiere party for Season 2 of USA Network’s slick dramedy Suits, I imdb‘d the cast members to see if any of them had interesting recent film roles. Lo and behold, Rick Hoffman—a journeyman TV character actor best known for playing weaselly a-holes in series like The $treet, Philly and The Bernie Mac Show—was listed as having played the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in Battleship. Mind you, I hadn’t seen the film, but that role seemed like a real stretch, so I asked him about his experience making the movie. The result was lesson #1,759,332 in “Why Not to Trust the Internet.”

“That’s not me!” he said, with a booming laugh. “It’s some other guy named Rick Hoffman. He was a real-life military guy they hired as a consultant on the film, and they gave him the role.” Still, Hoffman says he’s been receiving congratulations from friends and fans on his role in the big-budget would-be blockbuster. “I’ve only done a few movies in my career,” he explained ruefully. “The best, and biggest one, was The Day After Tomorrow. I’d love to do more films.” (His other big-screen credits, if imdb is to be believed, include the torture-porn flicks  Hostel 1 and 2, Mel Gibson’s Lethal Weapon 4 and Conspiracy Theory and Clint Eastwood’s Blood Work).

The good news for Hoffman is that he says his character on Suits, craven attorney Louis Litt, will show a more likable side in Season 2. After meeting the guy, I’m even more impressed by his acting skills. He’s not a d-bag—he just plays one on TV.

Do you trust the Internet? Is imdb any better than Wikipedia? Share your stories!

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  1. AWJ permalink

    I’m reminded of the line from The Office, something like: “Wikipedia can be edited by anyone in the world, so you know it’s accurate.”

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