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The Fretts on Film Interview: Sigourney Weaver on “Prometheus,” “Red Lights,” and More!

June 26, 2012

Sigourney Weaver really needs to get out more. When I spoke with the eternally classy actress last night at the after-party for USA Network’s starry new miniseries Political Animals, I asked her what she thought of Prometheus, the Ridley Scott-directed prequel to her Alien franchise. “I haven’t seen it yet!” she laughed. “I’ve been too busy shooting Political Animals in Philadelphia. All the good movie theaters are across the state line in New Jersey, and I haven’t had time to make it over there.”

Still, seeing Prometheus is on her to-do list: “I’ve been getting a lot of conflicting emails about it,” she says, reporting that some friends feel like it dovetails well with the Alien films while others were, well, alienated by it. She swears she’ll see it as soon as she finishes Animals’ grueling shoot: “It’s this pot of gold I’m holding out at the end of the rainbow.”

Also on her list: Snow White and the Huntsman (Weaver played the evil queen a few years ago in a Snow White TV-movie). “I haven’t had time, but I’d really like to see it.” C’mon, she’s Sigourney Freaking Weaver—can’t she get them to send her a DVD or something? “I hadn’t thought of that!” she said jokingly, snapping her fingers.

In fact, Weaver’s so busy, she skipped last night’s premiere of another film she’s starring in, Red Lights, an indie thriller that debuted at this year’s Sundance Festival and features Robert De Niro as a psychic. “It’s a very good, provocative film by a Spanish director [Rodrigo Cortés],” she says. “It’s a movie about relationships, and Hollywood doesn’t make those anymore.” They don’t make movie stars like Sigourney Weaver anymore either.

Also at the Political Animals premiere, I chatted with Carla Gugino, who remembered me from our meeting at the USA Network upfront party. Or maybe she was just acting? In any case, she’s terrific in the miniseries as a pugnacious D.C. newspaper reporter. She more than holds her own amid a stellar cast that also includes Oscar winners Ellen Burstyn and Vanessa Redgrave. What a bunch of party Animals!

What’s your favorite Sigourney Weaver flick? Any fans of Working Girl or The Year of Living Dangerously out there? And, oh yeah, Avatar?

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