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Will Three Groovy Girls Melt for “Ice Age 4”?

July 13, 2012

Bruce Fretts: I just saw the animated sequel Ice Age: Continental Drift with my 10-year-old daughter, Olive, and two of her best friends, Rosa and Evelyn. So, girls, what do you say—was this Ice Age hot or cold?

Olive: (explaining to her friends) My dad makes a pun in every single one of his reviews. You just have to brace yourself for it.

Evelyn: It was cold. Very cold.

Bruce: Is that good?

Evelyn: It’s good.

Rosa: It was okay.

Olive: It was kinda cheesy. I like the other ones more.

Bruce: Really? I liked it!

Rosa: I thought it was cheesy. Every time you think it’s the climax of everything, it just keeps going.

Bruce: It’s an adventure! There were pirates and continents dividing.

Olive: I was bored.

Evelyn: It was kind of obvious what was going to happen.

Olive: First, a teenager has a fight with her dad…

Bruce: See, I identified with Manny, the wooly mammoth voiced by Ray Romano, because he feels like his little girl is growing up too fast.

Olive: And then they get separated—total cliché!

Bruce: Didn’t you like the voices, though? I thought they were funny.

Rosa: I liked Sid’s granny.

Bruce: Yes, that’s Wanda Sykes. She just sounds funny, no matter what she says. And Ray Romano is great as the mammoth because he’s got such a nasal voice. And Denis Leary and John Leguizamo are perfect in their roles, plus Peter Dinklage is terrific as the ape pirate captain.

Rosa: I really didn’t like Manny’s daughter, Peaches.

Bruce: That was Keke Palmer.

Rosa: She was annoying.

Evelyn: One thing I liked is they made the jokes perfect, so it wouldn’t be totally boring for parents, but so that the kids still understood them.

Bruce: I agree with you—there were some funny jokes. Did you guys laugh at all?

Olive: I didn’t laugh.

Rosa: Maybe a couple times.

Evelyn: A few of the jokes were clever.

Bruce: Don’t you love Scrat, though?

Olive: No, I hate Scrat! Scrat irritates me.

Rosa: Who’s Scrat?

Olive: Scrat is that little non-talking squirrel thingy.

Rosa: What’s the point of that?

Bruce: It’s like a mini-Road Runner cartoon in the middle of the movie. It just keeps cutting back to him.

Olive: It gets to a climax, then they just keep showing this little squirrel searching for an acorn.

Evelyn: I think that’s smart because kids—little kids—can’t be in an intense movie non-stop. They need a break.

Olive: So they watch a squirrel find nuts?

Bruce; So would you recommend this movie to other kids?

Olive: I guess smaller kids.

Bruce: We saw it with our friends Ava [7] and Rylan [5], who are a little younger than you, and they liked it.

Rylan: Ava’s a little bit younger, and I’m a lot younger!

Bruce: But for sophisticated 10-year-old girls like you, it’s not cool?

Olive (adopting a teenage voice): It’s, like, totally not cool.

Did you and your kids think Ice Age 4 was a snow job? Defrost a comment!

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