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The Fretts on Film Interview: Carol Alt and Beverly Johnson on Woody Allen and Tyler Perry

July 17, 2012

I just got back from the fabulous party for HBO’s documentary About Face: Supermodels Then and Now (premiering July 30) at the Paley Center for Media. I cornered a couple cover girls who’ve been moonlighting in movies: Carol Alt, who appears in Woody Allen’s new To Rome, With Love, and Beverly Johnson, who was in Tyler Perry’s Good Deeds, to ask how they got ready for their big-screen close-ups.


How did your role in Woody’s movie come about?

They were going to film in Italy, and I love Italy. My agent called up and said, “Do you want to go read for Woody?” And I said, “Absolutely!” Even if I’m not right for the part, it’s good to go read. So I went and read and he hired me before I ever made it back to my office, and then he wrote the character as Carol. So when Alec Baldwin called me Carol, I almost fainted. It was a lot of fun.

What was it like on the set? People say Woody doesn’t talk to the actors much…

He was personable and humble. I have a greater respect now, having worked with him. I’ve always loved his films, but now I love him, as a person. He was generous and kind. He was patient. He was so sensitive when he spoke to the actors, because he’s an actor himself.  He was very careful about what he said and how he said it.

And how was Alec Baldwin?

Alec was fabulous. He was a little jet-lagged but he was just terrific. He was a man in love. He was so sweet. When I leaned over and kissed him impromptu in a scene to say goodbye, I think I shocked him. Those lips had not touched another woman since he met his girlfriend!


Face to face with Bev (Photos by Christina Gorman)

You’ve been working with Tyler Perry lately. How did you get involved with him?

I’ve done his television show, Meet the Browns, a number of times. I kind of have a little recurring role on there. When Tyler Perry calls, you go!

How was it making Good Deeds?

It was great! It’s always good to go to work and laugh.

Do you think you’ll meet Madea at some point?

Oh my God, wouldn’t that be great if I could do that? I would love to!

Who’s your favorite supermodel-turned-actress? Strike a pose–and post a comment!

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