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The Fretts on Film Interview: Olivia Wilde on “Butter,” Pole Dancing, and Making Out with Ashley Greene

August 23, 2012

No sooner had I eaten up Olivia Wilde’s hilariously scandalous performance as a blackmailing pole dancer in Butter than our intrepid new editorial assistant at TV Guide Magazine, Elizabeth Wagmeister, informed me that she’d be speaking with Wilde about her PBS docu-series, Half the Sky, chronicling the fight against the oppression of women worldwide. So I asked her to throw in a few questions about Butter, and here’s what Olivia had to say about going Wilde with Jennifer Garner, Ashley Greene and Co.

I wanted to ask you a few questions about your involvement with Butter.


One of our editors, Bruce Fretts, has a movie blog, Fretts on Film, and he wanted me to ask a few questions. He loved the movie by the way, and thought you were hilarious!

Oh good! Great!

How did you get involved with Butter?

Butter was one of those scripts that had been a favorite around town for a few years. It was really hilarious and biting and timely, and there was this role of Brooke that I had just freaked out over it when I read. I loved her. And I really wanted the role. And when it came my way, I was just so excited. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever done before. And the script was just so good, and the people—the whole thing, the whole package was just really exciting.

You play a stripper. How was the pole-dance training?

Well, unfortunately, I only had about two days because it was a little bit of a last-minute deal, and I had this awesome trainer come down to Louisiana where we were filming—she was from the S Factor—and I had never done those sexy S Factor classes, but I had heard they were fun. And I was a dancer for a long time, but I’ve never done any stripping or pole dancing, and I gotta say, it’s the hardest form of dance I’ve ever tried! I mean, I put it up there with African dance. It’s hard! And I was completely bruised and it’s not easy. I have so much respect for strippers for being able to pull off those moves! But, it was a lot of fun. And I think the reason S Factor has become a big deal is because it’s liberating in a lot of ways and it’s a good work out. I actually had to have a stripper pole put into my house that I rented in Louisiana so I could practice after work at night, and it was pretty funny when the maid discovered it in my living room. She looked at me with a little bit of judgment I’d say.

You have a make out scene with Twilight‘s Ashley Greene—how was that?

Oh, I don’t want to disappoint people—it’s not as big a part in the movie as they might imagine. It’s a pretty minor scene. But it is so sweet. And funny. And Ashley of course is so beautiful and kind, and it was great. That movie has got a little bit of everything—I mean it’s funny because I would tell people to bring their families, bring everyone, it’s really a movie for everyone, but it does have a little salacious, titillating stuff. Like that scene!

Are you hot to see Olivia Wilde in Butter? Post a comment!


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