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The Fretts on Film Interview: R.A. Dickey (The Outtakes)

September 20, 2012

Check out New York’s hometown paper, The Daily News, today for my profile of Mets phenom R.A. Dickey, one of the stars of the new documentary Knuckleball! The Movie, which hits theaters today and is already available on iTunes and On Demand. If you’re a Mets and/or movie fanatic like me and want more, here’s my interview in extra innings.

How does it feel to be a movie star?

(laughs) I don’t really consider myself that. It’s nice because I feel like New York offers a platform to really be creative. You have things available to you here that you don’t have available anywhere else in the world. It’s fun to be able to utilize those things in a creative way. Because that’s part of who I am. And I’m thankful for that.

Is it strange to see yourself on the big screen as opposed to a JumboTron?

You know what’s different? Seeing myself perform athletically on the JumboTron or on TV on SportsCenter is one thing, but to see yourself vulnerable away from the game on camera, that’s something totally different. To see your family up there. It’s a different sensation. That took me a little bit by surprise, the fact that I wasn’t prepared for that. And it wasn’t in a bad way at all. It just was a very different way.

You write in your memoir, Wherever I Wind Up, about being influenced by Star Wars. How so?

It’s had a perpetual influence on me from the time I first saw it when I was 8 or 9 years old. It’s such a great metaphor for what we go through as human beings—the whole dichotomy of good and evil, and how to resist that or embrace what’s right. It has so many different metaphors for me in my own personal life, both spiritually and as a human being.

What other movies have affected you? 

I’ve always been a sci-fi fan. I like science fiction and fantasy and Lord of the Rings. The epic stories. And Star Wars was so far ahead of its time, as you well know. When it came out, it was eye candy as well. It was incredible. But I’ve always been a big movie guy. They offer quite a bit to us.

Who are your favorite actors?

Growing up, I think I’d have to say Harrison Ford. I grew up watching him as Han Solo and later as Indiana Jones and followed him through most of his movies—Patriot Games and all that stuff. But I’ve come to be able to appreciate all different kinds of actors. I love Tom Hanks. I really am drawn who can play multiple roles well. I like Leonardo DiCaprio a lot.

What drew you to Harrison Ford as a kid?

I always saw him in adventure-type roles, whether it was as the rebel smuggler in Star Wars or the archeologist in the Indiana Jones movies. I was always drawn to that rugged man’s man. That kind of character appealed to me.

Like Robert Allen Dickey, Redford’s a “Natural”

What are your favorite baseball movies?

The Natural, because of how it’s filmed. I love the cinematography, and the period it was filmed in. And I love Robert Redford. He’s great. I like baseball movies in general—I love Field of Dreams, Major League, Bull Durham. I’ve seen them all.

Any baseball movies that totally missed?

There’s a few. Major League 2 isn’t comparable to the original. And BASEketball. There was a movie about summer baseball in Cape Cod (Summer Catch). That was kinda corny. There are some out there that are pretty corny, but that’s all right. There are many more that are good than bad.

Are you an R.A. Dickey fan? Let’s go, Mets—post a comment!

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