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“Factotum”: Charles Bukowski in Charge

October 10, 2012

This week on the Sundance Channel blog, I’ve written an appreciation of Factotum, the 2007 film based on Charles Bukowski’s writing and starring Matt Dillon. Here’s a sampling:

“All I wanna do is get my check and get drunk,” Hank Chinaski—alter ego of Skid Row poet laureate Charles Bukowski—tells one of the many employers who fire him in FACTOTUM, airing tonight at 8P and 9:45P on Sundance Channel. “Now, that might not sound healthy to you, but it’s my choice.”

On the surface, Hank Chinaski’s philosophy may seem simple, but he lives by his own twisted code of ethics. As embodied by Matt Dillon in Norwegian cowriter-director Bent Hamer’s deliciously deadpan adaptation of Bukowski’s work, Hank is anything but a layabout. He collects unemployment between his short-term gigs, and he’s no doubt one of the non-taxpaying 47 percenters demonized by Mitt Romney, but he doesn’t consider himself a victim. With its darkly skewed sense of humor, FACTOTUM clearly depicts how much hard work it takes to be poor in America.

For more, click here!

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  1. Mitt Romney * Speech…………

    Matt Dillon as Mitt Romney, Adrien Brody as Paul Ryan

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