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The Fretts on Film Interview: Bruce Willis’ Mea Culpa

February 14, 2013

It’s not every day I get a text from Bruce Willis. But in the aftermath of our tough-as-nails interview about A Good Day to Die Hard that ran in Sunday’s New York Daily News, the action hero reached out to me and asked if we could have another conversation. I called him back, and we had a friendly chat.

Willis explained that he had spoken with me on his first day of doing press about the movie, and he hadn’t had time to give enough thought to what the five Die Hard films he’s made over the last 25 years really mean. Now that he’s done more interviews, it’s become clear to him: They’re all about family, whether it’s winning back his ex-wife in the original, rescuing his daughter in Live Free or Die Hard or teaming up with his estranged CIA-agent son in A Good Day to Die Hard, which—for the record—I greatly enjoyed.

“You asked all the right questions,” he told me. “I just didn’t have the right answers.” It takes a big man to make a statement like that, and I appreciate Willis’ willingness to engage in an ongoing dialogue. To borrow the title of one of his finest films, he’s nobody’s fool.

What do you think of Bruce Willis’ actions? Post a comment!

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  1. TV Gord permalink

    I’m glad to read this, because it bothered me a bit that your interview didn’t go well. You’re always a reasonable guy, and I thought Bruce Willis was, too. It’s nice to know he’s big enough to admit when he’s to blame when something goes wrong.

  2. Fred Molina permalink

    What went wrong exactly? I read the interview; it was interesting enough, no new ground broken but that’s not expected in these things. No-one was rude, or insulting. What exactly is Mr. Willis to be blamed for? For not spilling his guts to a journalist? That’s his privilege. I think both Bruces are milking this a tad too long.

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