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Mayor Cory Booker Fires Back at Bruce Willis!

February 21, 2013

I just got off the phone with Newark Mayor Cory Booker—via my WBGO-FM colleague Andrew Meyer’s excellent call-in show Newark Today—and asked him to respond to a line in the nation’s No. 1 movie, A Good Day to Die Hard, when Bruce Willis’ NYPD vet John McClane compares the ruins of Chernobyl to Newark. After proclaiming himself a “die-hard Die Hard fan,” Booker admitted he hadn’t seen the new sequel yet, but that his Twitter feed and Facebook page “blew up” with outraged comments from people who’d been offended by the gag.

Booker said he was “very disappointed” to hear about the crack and blamed it on “lazy comedy writers” searching for an easy punchline, even if it’s wildly out of date. He argued that the perception of Newark has been changing for the better since he became Mayor, but it’s not something that will happen overnight.

Despite his very public responses to previous comic potshots taken at Brick City—like banning Conan O’Brien from Newark Airport (“try JFK, Buddy”)—Booker announced no plans to seek an apology from Willis, who, after all, has roots in the Garden State. C’mon, Mr. Mayor, Bruno all but apologized to me for our contentious Daily News interview, and he only insulted one person that time—not an entire city.

Do you think Willis should apologize for badmouthing Newark? Post a comment! 

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