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The Fretts on Film Interview: Amber Heard

February 21, 2014


Was it her or was it me? I was interviewing Amber Heard about costarring with Kevin Costner in the new spy movie 3 Days to Kill for The New York Daily News when I congratulated her on getting engaged to Johnny Depp—and she hung up on me! Here’s the transcript of our chat. If you see any indications of trouble earlier in our six-minute conversation, you’re clearly more sensitive than I am!

What made you want to make this movie?
I liked the idea of making an imaginative, fun, suspenseful yet heartfelt story. I was attracted to the character of Vivi, because she’s created a world for herself where she exists in a slightly distant reality. It’s that heightened reality that gives her—and me performing as her, or living as her—a certain freedom. I liked the idea of having that kind of liberty to push the boundaries a bit and try something new and try my hand at a character that felt like a chameleon within a movie about something. I liked the idea of also making a movie with McG, because he is someone I’ve wanted to work with for a while. He has this contagious energy and infectious enthusiasm that just makes you want to be involved. Most importantly, I was attracted to the idea of being a part of something that Luc Besson was making. He’s been one of my favorite filmmakers of all time for as long as I can remember. And both he and McG have the ability to make strong, empowered, cool and fearless female characters that they don’t feel the need to apologize for.  That’s rare.

How was working with Kevin Costner? What’s the key to his enduring appeal?

He’s from a different generation, a different time. I mean that in a good way. He has an old movie-star charm. He walks on the set and it’s like he walked out of a different time. He’s a quintessential American movie star. He very much is like his character Ethan in many ways—in his cadence, his demeanor. He has a no-frills, no-fuss, no-bullshit way of existing.

How were you received by the locals in Paris?

I had a great time in Paris. I love Paris. It’s one of my favorite places in the world. And it really is an essential character in this movie. Paris provides a very rich and textured backdrop for our modern, sleek story. It’s very shiny and fast-paced and modern, but we juxtapose it against the backdrop of Paris. It provides a great contrast. And especially for someone like Kevin Costner, who is already an alienated presence in the story. He’s the quintessential American wandering alone in the streets of Paris. It gives our story some credit. It was the perfect place. But I have to say, it was kind of weird to be leaning out of a car window killing gangsters in a gunfight wearing six-inch Louboutins and look over my shoulder and I’m in front of the Eiffel Tower (laughs). It was a really weird, surreal experience to be stunt-driving around the Arc de Triomphe. There is something very trippy about that.

1392306278_johnny-depp-amber-heard-kiss-zoomDid you like doing all the action scenes? 

I’ve always said, I’d rather shoot a gun than throw a bouquet. I have a lot of fun being able to participate in that way. It’s not very common for women to find roles where they have a participatory role in their fate. Normally, they’re reactionary characters, so I look for all the chances I can.

I want to say congratulations on your engagement. How’s that going?

You know what? We’ve got to end the interview. I’m so sorry. Thank you. (Hangs up)

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  1. SPH permalink

    Did her people told to you – in advance- that the topics Johnny Depp and her engagement were off the limits? If they did, then there you have your answer on why she cut the interview. She was very polite anyway, telling to you “i’m so sorry. thank you”. Other celebs just hangs up without “I’m sorry” and “thank you”

    • bruceafretts permalink

      I was not told in advance about any topics being off limits. She had apparently been told that I was told, however.

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