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Like Fretts on Film? Try Fretts on TV!

March 14, 2014


If you enjoy my movie reviews, check out my new TV column, Remote Patrol: Keeping a Watch on TV, for the super-cool UK-based website, Digital Spy. My debut column, about Hannibal and Banshee and why Friday nights are alright for fighting, just went live. Here’s an appetizer…

“Conventional wisdom holds that American viewers crave the TV equivalent of comfort food on Fridays: safe, familiar fare like CBS’s Blue Bloods. The night’s highest-rated show features a family of law enforcers (perhaps not coincidentally named the Reagans) led by good old Tom Selleck and gathered around a table for a meat-and-potatoes feast every week.

It’s a show my 12-year-old daughter and my 81-year-old father can both enjoy, and after a long week of work, I often find myself jonesing for it as well. But recently, a pair of Friday-night shows have offered a different kind of red meat: raw human flesh. Cinemax’s Banshee fairly gushes with bloody violence and explicit sex, while NBC’s Hannibal serves up cannibalistic meals that stick to – and may be made from – your ribs…”

For more, click here, and check back every Friday for my thoughts about what’s hot on “U.S. telly”…

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