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Fretts Zabka-tages New York’s Vulture!

March 31, 2014


Sorry I haven’t had time to see any movies (muchless write about them!), but I’ve been busy with my fresh full-time job as Senior Articles Editor at Closer Weekly as well as a new real-life love interest and a booming freelance career. My latest gig: Writing for my favorite website, New York Magazine‘s My first post is a Q&A with William “Billy” Zabka, best known for playing bullies in ’80s teen flicks like The Karate Kid, Just One of the Guys and Back to School. More recently, he’s poked fun at his image via guest-shots on the next-to-last episodes of Psych and How I Met Your Mother (call him the Penultimate Fighter!). Click here to read William’s—er, Billy’s—comments about why he’s starting a poetry career, why “Cobra Kai never die!” and why—unlike his ex-School mate Rodney Dangerfield—he doesn’t feel like he don’t get no respect. Sweep the leg, my peeps!

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