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Be Gone, Girl! The Year’s 10 Worst Movies

January 11, 2015



Well, you had to know it was coming. Yesterday I posted my 10 favorite films of 2014, so here are my ten least favorite, with links to longer reviews in some cases.

10. Gone Girl The year’s most overrated movie also featured the most baffling bit of casting (human iceberg Rosamund Pike, above right). I. Don’t. Get. It.

9. Wild Reese Witherspoon (above left), who also produced Gone Girl, miscast herself as a recovering-hedonist hiker in this not-as-deep-as-it-thinks-it-is outdoor misadventure. Maybe she should’ve combined the two movies: Girl Gone Wild!

8. Interstellar Even the always-welcome presence of Jessica Chastain can’t redeem this brutally slow, overlong sci-fi slog. Matthew McCona-what-the-hey?

7. Mr. Turner Yes, Timothy Spall gives a colorful performance as artist J.M.W. Turner, but Mike Leigh’s biopic is the dramatic equivalent of watching paint dry.

6. Annie This is what happens when you cast non-singers like Cameron Diaz, Bobby Cannavale, Rose Byrne and Jamie “Auto-Tune” Foxx in a musical. You get a movie that’s seriously off-key. Oh well, at least Quvenzhane Wallis was cute.

5. The Gambler Mark Wahlberg should’ve known when to fold ’em: before he decided to star in this needless remake of a quintessential ’70s flick.

4. Pompeii I was rooting for the volcano. True, it did win, but not nearly soon enough.

3. Need for Speed Needed even more: a script. Aaron Paul went from Breaking Bad to just plain bad in record time.

2. Lucy To put it mildly, I didn’t love it. If you’re looking for a ScarJo sci-fi movie that won’t get under your skin, try Under the Skin.

1. Monuments Men Even a know-nothing like Sgt. Schultz couldn’t defend George Clooney’s unintentional homage to Hogan’s Heroes. Dis-missed!

What were the worst movies you saw in 2014? Sound off below!

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  1. The only one I’ve seen on this list is “Gone Girl.” I agree with you. Really loved the book. Did not love the movie. The beauty of the book was that I connected with both Nick and Amy. Movie, didn’t connect with either.

  2. Some controversial choices here! Mr Turner was one of my films of the year – I loved everything about it from the performances to the cinematography, score and the interesting focus on Turner’s housemaid – but I have to agree with you on Pompeii and Monuments Men.

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