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Two Daddies and a Son on Daddy’s Home 2

November 9, 2017


Bruce Fretts: I just saw Daddy’s Home 2 with my favorite daddy–son combination, comedian extraordinaire David Rey Martinez and his 10-year-old Sebastian. Had you guys seen the first one?

David: No, we didn’t. We were talking about that earlier. We weren’t sure we wanted to see it because we hadn’t seen the first one.

Sebastian: But he said, “We’ll be okay. We’ll be able to follow it.” I was a little confused.

Bruce: The family relationships are kind of complicated. Will Ferrell plays the stepfather of Mark Wahlberg’s kids, and John Lithgow and Mel Gibson join the cast as Will’s and Mark’s dads.

Sebastian: When Will Ferrell said, “Did I die again?” I was like, “When did he die?”

David: So he died in the first one?

Bruce: I saw the first one with my son and enjoyed it, but I don’t remember him dying. Did you guys like this one?

Sebastian: I thought it was funny. It seemed authentic.

David: The family dynamic was very well thought-out.

Sebastian: I liked when they brought in John Cena.

David: You liked the wrestling aspect of it. I liked the way they brought in the grandfathers. The pairings were good.

Sebastian: I think in the next one they’re either going to have great grandpas or bring in uncles and aunts.

Bruce: Did any of the dads remind you of your dad?

Sebastian: (laughs) The nice ones. He’s not hostile.

Bruce: He’s affectionate?

Sebastian: Yes. And he’s funny.


David: I thought the women in the movie could’ve played a bigger part. It just focused on the guys. Where are the women’s families?

Bruce: We have to see A Bad Moms Christmas to get the female perspective.

David: Didn’t we give Bad Moms a bad review? And they still came out with another one?

Bruce: We tried to warn people. It didn’t work. But I liked both Daddy’s Home movies. Will Ferrell is funny. He reminded me of Chevy Chase in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

Bruce: Did you have a favorite part, Sebastian?

Sebastian: I liked when they went to the improv comedy show. That reminded me of my dad’s shows, but it wasn’t as funny.

David: My problem was when Will Ferrell grabbed the Christmas lights, and everything came crashing down. It would’ve never happened like that.

Sebastian: You should just accept the movie for what it is.

Bruce: Out of the mouths of babes.

David: If it’s a science-fiction movie, I let all those boundaries go. If you’re making something real, I hold you accountable.

Bruce: But it’s a slapstick comedy. I think it achieved what it set out to do, which was to be a big, dumb movie. So are you going to watch the first one now?

David: Yeah, we’re gonna go back and watch it.

Sebastian: And then watch the second one again.

David: Yeah, when it comes out on TV. We’re not paying to see it again. It wasn’t life-changing.

Bruce: And if they make a Daddy’s Home 3, would you see it?

David: Yeah, we’d see it.

Bruce: I’d see it for free.

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